Ninja OCHO Turf Guards – Set of 3 (Left, Right, Center)


Designed exclusively for the Toro ProCore 648 aerifier, the Ninja Ocho Turf Guards work ONLY with the Ninja Ocho Tine Blocks. Together, they produce the most holes/sq ft in the industry! Gives you the control to get as aggressive as needed. With lateral spacing of only 0.958”, you can produce up to 100 holes/sq ft. Nobody comes close!

For use exclusively with Ninja Tines, Ninja Tines XL and Ninja Solids.

Note the unique color so there is no confusion as to what turf guards go with the Ninja Ocho Tine Blocks.

IMPORTANT: The Ninja OCHO Turf Guards REQUIRE the Ninja OCHO Tine Blocks due to the unique spacing of the tines. If you are buying these turf guards, you need to purchase the Ninja Ocho Tine Blocks as well.

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